Interesting Links

1. BOE: Official State Gazette, where all customs law is published.

2. DOCE: Official Journal of the European Union, which is the main source of EUR-Lex. It is published every day, from Tuesday to Saturday, in all official languages of the EU.

3. AEAT Aduanas: Website of the Spanish Tax Agency, where all information about customs taxes is given.

4. Consejo General de Agentes de Aduanas: Association, who gathers all Customs Agents on a national level.

5. ICEX: Spain Export and Investment ICEX is a public business institution of national level, which promotes the internationalization of spanish companies.

6. Spanish Ports: Website of the Ministry of Development provides information about the organization system of spanish ports.

7. Tracking goods: website which makes possible to follow-up our goods.

8. FNMT: Spanish National Currency and Stamp Factory.

9. Vessel finder: search engine, which allows us to learn about the position of the vessel that is transporting our goods.

10. Converter: currency converter.

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